You can configure which events you would like to receive email alerts for under Settings > Notifications

and choose which admins receive the alerts under the account settings at Settings > Admins

but in order for those emails to send, you will first need to configure SMTP settings under Settings > Controller > Mail Server:

The mail server configuration is also required in order to be able to receive password reset emails

Configuring Mail Server Settings

You could create an email address specifically for the alerts to send from, and enter the information given by your email service provider at Settings > Controller > Mail Server. 

We don’t recommend using your own email address because the password can be viewed by anyone with access to the settings page.

It can sometimes be tricky sometimes to get SMTP working for Gmail and other providers who have security rules in place to prevent unauthorized logins. Here is some more information on how to get Gmail working:

Instead, we recommend using a transactional email service provider like

With Postmark you are able to use your domain name, create a new email address name on that domain, and generate different SMTP credentials for each server you want to use without having to worry about configuring security bypass settings in your primary email provider.

Sending a test email

After configuring your mail server settings, you should send a test email to verify it is working correctly. You can send a test email under Settings > Controller > Mailer Server > Test SMTP Server